Solid Wood Finger Joint Plate

Solid Wood Board

Finger-jointed board, also known as the integrated board, set into the wood, finger-jointed material, that is, will be processed through the processing of small pieces of real wood like “fingers” like splicing into the board, because the board USES a sawtooth interface, similar to the fingers of the hands cross butt, so-called finger jointed board.

As a result of the log is crossed between the union, such union structure itself has certain bound force, because need not again up and down stick surface plate again, the glue that considers its use is extremely tiny.

Advantages Solid Wood Finger Joint Plate

  • As a result of the joint of solid wood board is less, with glue quantity is also less, so environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.
  • With easy processing, can cut, drilling, saw processing and molding processing.