Choose high grade acacia wood moulding very important iactor 

Acacia Wood2

Whether acacia wooden moulding is straight is the main factor that chooses, also should observe the quality condition of the back side at the same time. If have time, energy, had better purchase did not go up lacquer wood moulding, brush paint together moulding and household wood adornment, the effect is better.

If choose to already go up lacquer wood moulding, can discern from the back woodiness, burnish how many, observe lacquer face finish carefully, go up lacquer is even, chroma is unified, have the phenomenon such as difference of color, become angry.

All sorts of moulding of choose and buy, should decorate according to household “press a moulding, fill a moulding” need will decide norms, fancy, where appropriate massiness, where appropriate is fine. The moulding of different kind wood, width, length each is different, before buying had better ask carpentry scrimping carefully, lest cause needless waste.

To achieve internal breakthrough, the use of resources to the extreme, to achieve more economical and efficient. This should be carried out around two objectives:

  • The first is to eliminate the work that does not add value, exclude the activities that cannot add value and the way of resource utilization efficiency is not high and waste efficiency;
  • The second is to respond to the market quickly and adopt advanced technology for production according to the actual needs and the transformation of existing equipment.

In order to avoid unnecessary waste of capital and technology, we should not be confined to improving production.