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Tracenal  is a Top B2B Wood global supplier in Viet Nam. We have the best high quality products with cheapest price such as acacia finger joint, rubber finger joint, wood board etc… in the key plantation wood material area in the middle of Viet Nam.

With the mission of creating quality products, according to the design requirements and orders of customers around the world, created from the largest acacia, rubber growing areas in the country, up to more than a million hectares.

Thereby, creating stable and sustainable income for the poor workers here, who all year round focus on taking care of planted acacia and rubber trees. We have an abundant source of raw materials in the factory and a team of quality workers. Labor resources and labor force from 50-300 people.

about tracenal

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TRACENAL provides acacia wood finger joint board, rubber finger joint board, acacia sawn moisture from 8 to 20%. Normal unit price is from 350$~650$/m3. Buy from qualified suppliers at factory prices.

In Vietnam, species of Acacia mangium (Acacia mangium) and Acacia leaves (Acacia auriculiformis) are grown as raw materials for paper production and forest improvement. because it has a very strong scent.

Acacia wood is a straight tree, belongs to the group of good quality trees, has a yellow-white color with veins, has a distinct core, and has many-sided effects. So hybrid acacia is very suitable for commercial forestry projects.

Acacia wood has technical characteristics such as mechanical strength, toughness, adaptability to harsh weather, and lower warping than some other types of junk wood. Grown and mass-produced, when targeting a certain product using acacia wood, the products will be the most consistent.

Acacia from planting to harvesting only takes about 10 years, it can be used with a trunk diameter of 20 to 25 cm. Acacia mangium can be used as poles, beams, and tents.

Large, round Acacia wood is the raw material used to produce furniture for export. Acacia trees with a diameter of 17-18 cm or more have a much higher price than the price of raw materials used to produce paper. In addition, hybrid acacia is also used to make plywood, high-grade plywood, sawn timber used in construction…